IMBS w PACEO/ BORTONE à Jazzdor, 12 novembre 2015

IMBS w PACEO/ BORTONE à Jazzdor, 12 novembre 2015

The piano trio, one of the core configurations in jazz, continues to evolve in the wake of the development of new technologies and musical concepts. Hence we can now enjoy trios who have integrated electronics, trios based on the adaptation of rock rhythms, techno and other minimalist concepts, trios in the vein of free improvisation, and song-based trios. These are varieties that can also overlap/intersect. This year's program of Jazzdor offered four piano trios, a trio of French pianist Mathieu Mazué, the trio of German pianist Michael Wollny, Swiss trio Plaistow, and a newly formed trio of pianist Christophe Imbs from Strasbourg with Italian bassist Matteo Bortone (1982), and French drummer Anne Paceo (1984). Anne Paceo is a much in demand multi-genre drummer who works in equal measure in pop, world, funk and jazz. Bortone likewise is much in demand with his own bands, with Italian drummer Roberto Gatto, and many more.

Imbs' trio operated with electronics, rock-and minimalist elements. The trio played pieces with moving repetitive patterns, sometimes extended or overlaid by piano soloing old style. It seemed Imbs and his fellow musicians were primarily focused on gaining suspense, nuances, and variation, rather than punching power and catharsis. It was something still in the process of shelling, finding its own ways to result in a bigger overall effect by accumulation of smaller nuanced punctuating actions like Paceo's excellent cymbal work, Bortone's sensitive bass work or Imbs' 'textures électroniques flottantes.'



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